Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room

As with other spaces planned, before designing the dining room, we also have to make a list of dining needs. Here Architects Houses duty is to know the needs of Dining Room or Interior Design. Here I explain some of the dining room needs as follows:
1. Dining table whose size adjusted for the number of seats. Shape of the table has several of different properties in creating the dining room.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
2. Minimum number of seats equal to the number of family members. Thus arbitrarily family members can gather together in one meal.

3. Storage cupboard. Storage cabinets do not have to exist, but the storage cupboard in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room and Interior Design. Options can be either closet cupboard low or high cabinets. One thing to keep in mind, we recommend storage cabinets have drawers to hold a spoon, fork and eating knife.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
4. Torch. Chandelier right above the dining table is usually most appropriate for the dining room. Dimmers or facilities that can be raised and lowered the light intensity will greatly assist the creation of the dining room.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
5. Ventilation. Ventilation is very important for any room including the dining room. Eating in a sultry and flowing air is very unpleasant.



Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design

Hygienic bathroom will make our family member feels comfortable and healthy. You can generate health bathroom like that if you do some preparation below.

Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design

  1. Size of the bathroom: size of your bathroom is depended on your family necessity and the space that we have. Based on an interior designer expert that I know, the minimum size of bathroom is at least 2mx1.5m and the height is at least 2.6m. With this size, you will be able to get enough space for bathroom sink, closet, and shower. You don’t have to put all sanitary appearances if the bathroom’s size is not too large.
  2. Sanitary placement: you have to place the sanitary appearances as good as possible and make sure it will not bother the movement if you are taking a bath. It will be better if you place the bathroom sink in a place which will be able to be seen after you open the door. Don’t ever put the closet in front of the door because it will reduce the esthetic value of your bathroom and your bathroom seems unhealthy.
  3. Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design
  4. Material selection: ceramic and waterproof material is a good selection for your bathroom. For the bathroom’s floor, you can use matte ceramic and textured ceramic so that it will not slippery. And for bathroom’s wall, it will be better if you use glossy ceramic because it will be easy to clean, dry fast, and free from fungus.
  5. Light and air circulation: to keep the air circulation, we can use exhaust fan and make a window with minimum height is 2 meters long. It will be better if the bathroom is heading toward the open area such as garden, backyard, or park. Enough lighting from lamp light and sunlight will be good too.


Bedroom remodeling tips : Arranging your children’s bedroom

Keeping your child’s bedroom to be always neat and arranged well is not an easy job. Maybe we can say that this job is almost impossible. This is because our children will act actively and it will be hard to control their bedroom’s neat. Children usually do their activities inside their bedroom such as learning, gaming, playing, and so on. Sometime, there will be a lot of toys are spread around the bedroom. But, you don’t have to give up now because still there is a way to managing your kid’s bedroom.
Bedroom remodeling tips : Arranging your children’s bedroom
Bedroom remodeling tips : Arranging your children’s bedroom
You should fill your child’s bedroom with special furniture just for kids such as kid’s bed, kid’s wardrobe, and special table so that they will be able to keep their stuffs easily. You should not give them adult furniture because it will not compatible with them. You can choose the furniture with their favorite theme or character. You can suit the wardrobe height with your children height. Don’t forget to provide container to keep all your children’s toys. You have to tell them that they have to put their toys back to that container after they have played.
Bedroom remodeling tips : Arranging your children’s bedroom
If you have provided those appearances, you should sort the toys which are never played by your child anymore. Make sure you only place the important stuff inside their bedroom. You can also make a label in every toys shelf so that it will be categorized and your children will be able to keep their toys easily and neatly.

Interior design tips: Managing the living room in the small house

Before you are starting to manage your house interior design arrangement, it will be better if you understood about the character of room architecture and interior design first. There are five main rooms in the house. One of them is living room. Living room is a room to accept the guest and talk about something important or anything. This room can be called as guest room too.
Interior design tips: Managing the living room in the small house
This living room will represent the owner character. What is the component which will be able to represent the house owner character? It is represented from its furniture selection, room arrangement, wall color selection, appearance arrangement, and so on.

Interior design tips: Managing the living room in the small house

Because of that, you have to know well about the interior design arrangement in the living room. We can make a combination of the style, color, and appearance selection for our living room. But, you have to note that you have to make it still harmonic. You have to make sure that your arrangement will make all people comfortable if they are on it. Those images are some example of living room interior design that you can adopt.

Small living room arrangement

Because of there is no enough space in their house, there are many people even remove the living room position and sometime joined it with other room. Sometime, if they had a guest, they will use family room to accept the guest or just take them in the terrace or veranda. This image is one of living room design arrangement.

small living room design

Actually, we can still build a living room even though our house is not big enough. We have to make a special design for this special case. Living room must be arranged as well as possible so that it will not spend too much space in your house. You can just place two small sofas, one coffee table, and little furniture. But, you have to still think about air circulation inside that room. Don’t put too many appearances in this room so that the air circulation will still be good.


Three important components of living room furniture

Sometime we feel difficult to choose the right furniture for our own house. For example, we want to buy some furniture for our living room. Living room is an important part of our house. When we had a guest, we will take the guest in this room. This is one good picture of good living room design.

Three important components of living room furniture

Designing our house interior is not as easy as it sounds. We have to think carefully before we buy some furniture for this room. There are three important parts that you have to put in living room such as table, sofa, and any furniture.

comfortable living room design image

For furniture model and selection, you can get the further information in home tabloid or home magazine. Usually it has a lot of living room furniture example with various models for your house. I hope this article can help you to get inspiration about choosing the right living room furniture for your house.


Bathroom lighting tips

Bathroom is a room which needs more lighting than other rooms. We can choose halogen lamp because halogen lamp will be able to give brighter lighting. The first criteria if you want to choose the lighting for your bathroom are its safety. You have to arrange the electric appearances inside the bathroom from any direct contact with water or wet.
bathroom lighting tips
Second, you can put the lamp in every corner in your bathroom if your bathroom is big enough. If your bathroom is not too big, you can put big mirror in the bathroom. You have to distribute the lamp near the mirror well.

bathroom lighting tips

You can also put the mirror symmetrically. You can make your unique creation in your bathroom using any model of lighting. Make sure you choose the right lighting for the right side of your bathroom.

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