Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room

As with other spaces planned, before designing the dining room, we also have to make a list of dining needs. Here Architects Houses duty is to know the needs of Dining Room or Interior Design. Here I explain some of the dining room needs as follows:
1. Dining table whose size adjusted for the number of seats. Shape of the table has several of different properties in creating the dining room.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
2. Minimum number of seats equal to the number of family members. Thus arbitrarily family members can gather together in one meal.

3. Storage cupboard. Storage cabinets do not have to exist, but the storage cupboard in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room and Interior Design. Options can be either closet cupboard low or high cabinets. One thing to keep in mind, we recommend storage cabinets have drawers to hold a spoon, fork and eating knife.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
4. Torch. Chandelier right above the dining table is usually most appropriate for the dining room. Dimmers or facilities that can be raised and lowered the light intensity will greatly assist the creation of the dining room.
Interior design tips: planning an elegant dining room
5. Ventilation. Ventilation is very important for any room including the dining room. Eating in a sultry and flowing air is very unpleasant.



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  1. marlyn
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 08:21:26

    Your designs are really interesting. I specially like the bedroom ideas. The living room interiors you presented are equally beautiful and elegant however I don’t think it will work on my space. My space is narrow and rectangular. The short wall is facing the main door. I’m planning to place a 2 seater sofa against this wall plus 2 end tables and matching lamps. On the opposite walls are accent chairs and table. Is it a good idea? What wall color would you suggest. My house design is mediterranean and I live in a tropical country. I want my living room to look sophisticated. I hope you can help. Thank You.


    • fortunela
      Feb 01, 2011 @ 03:54:42

      Dear Marlyn,
      thank you for visiting my site

      if your space is narrow and rectangular, the most suitable color that you can use is bright color.

      about sofa, I prefer to use sofa in dimension. Don’t ever use big sofa because it will make your space looks more narrow.
      You don’t have to use too comfortable (too big) sofa because living room is being used rarely.

      The short wall which is facing the main door will be good if you use bright brown color, bright red, or brown coffee. And you can also hang some family pictures or some painting on this wall because it will be able to make obvious room pattern.

      If you want to make sophisticated living room, you should use some trendy furniture. You should not use ethnic furniture.

      I hope those information will be able to help you…
      Thank you…


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