Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design

Hygienic bathroom will make our family member feels comfortable and healthy. You can generate health bathroom like that if you do some preparation below.

Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design

  1. Size of the bathroom: size of your bathroom is depended on your family necessity and the space that we have. Based on an interior designer expert that I know, the minimum size of bathroom is at least 2mx1.5m and the height is at least 2.6m. With this size, you will be able to get enough space for bathroom sink, closet, and shower. You don’t have to put all sanitary appearances if the bathroom’s size is not too large.
  2. Sanitary placement: you have to place the sanitary appearances as good as possible and make sure it will not bother the movement if you are taking a bath. It will be better if you place the bathroom sink in a place which will be able to be seen after you open the door. Don’t ever put the closet in front of the door because it will reduce the esthetic value of your bathroom and your bathroom seems unhealthy.
  3. Interior design tips: Hygienic bathroom design
  4. Material selection: ceramic and waterproof material is a good selection for your bathroom. For the bathroom’s floor, you can use matte ceramic and textured ceramic so that it will not slippery. And for bathroom’s wall, it will be better if you use glossy ceramic because it will be easy to clean, dry fast, and free from fungus.
  5. Light and air circulation: to keep the air circulation, we can use exhaust fan and make a window with minimum height is 2 meters long. It will be better if the bathroom is heading toward the open area such as garden, backyard, or park. Enough lighting from lamp light and sunlight will be good too.